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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dinosaur Towel

 One of my most recent projects has been Duke's Dinosaur towel. Ethnie was given a hooded towel as a baby and she loves it... and it still fits. Duke was also given one, but it was made for babies and while technically Duke is still a "baby" he is not the size of a baby. He's huge! That towel couldn't even make it all the way around him so I decided to make him one. 

 Duke squawks like a dinosaur all of the time, it's really quite precious, so I was pretty excited to make him a "spike" towel. (Spike is the stegosaurus on Land Before Time.) I found a tutorial on Pinterest and in an hour I was done. (Click here for tutorial)  

There are a few differences between my towel and the tutorial. I made mine big enough to fit an adult. As you can see the hood comes down to his belly button. I wanted this thing to go the distance.

 I also made 20 spikes. It wasn't intentional to make them so small but I really am pleased with the final outcome. I had thought about slitting the middle of the towel and putting them down the back too but I didn't have enough dark green.

 Oh I can't get enough of how cute this boy is! I love how fast this project was and I am so pleased with the final outcome. Next one I'm going to make is an Elmo one for E. I sure do love our little dinosaur.

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