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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Super Hero Pegs

I have been wanting to make super hero pegs for Duke for the longest time. So this month I finally got around to doing it. I would have to admit I think my painting has come a long way from when I first started making these things.

Designing the super hero's was a ton of fun. I used some pictures from Pinterest for inspiration but I also went from actual pictures of the characters which was neat.

These pegs were slightly wider than the pegs I used for E's doll so I was only able to fit four across. I also wanted the Hulk to be bigger than everyone else and I just love how he turned out. My favorite one is Captain America though, while Batman is my favorite super hero I loved painting Captain America, I am really pleased with how he turned out.

The box was such a challenge for me. I knew I wanted the inside to be all "secret hideout" but I had no idea what to paint. I figured while most of the super hero's don't use guns, Daddy would appreciate a few firearms, an American flag (even though I'm Canadian), and a computer.

The outside had me baffled, and finally after staring at the box for more than a week I decided to just paint it as though it were hidden in the forest. I don't love it, but Duke was pleased as punch and that is what mattered!

So glad to FINALLY have this project off of my list!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Self Binding Minky Blanket

Being that this is baby number three and that we already have so many boy things, we don't really need much of anything. But I wanted this little man to feel special all wrapped up in something that Mama made. Plus I have decided that the nursery will be "outdoors" themed with grey and navy. Super simple, and clean! 

So I bought the fabric to make a baby quilt. I never know how much fabric to buy and always end up with WAY too much. So this time around we went with 1/4 yrd per color and It was still too much! I honestly could have gotten two regular sized baby quilts out of this! I also wanted to try self binding the blanket which was fun but I shouldn't have done my first attempt with minky.

Even with pinning literally every 1/2" it still stretched. Such a pain in the bootie!

But in the end I am happy with it. It is warm and snuggly and best of all it's pretty big which is super nice especially at the stage Duke and E are in and their "baby" blankets no longer cover thier toes at night because they are so tall.

I had left over fabric so I decided to make a little lap quilt for the car seat. I was super happy with the grey but then I went to a different Jo-Ann's and found the navy minky and I love it SO. MUCH. MORE! It just adds a richness to the blanket. 

All in all it was a fun and super quick project. It took about 36 hours from start to finish for both quilts. Not to shabby. Can't wait to wrap our little man up in them!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Peppa Pig Party

It's time to party!!! I started working on this party about a month ago. Peppa was a really easy character but I found it a bit difficult to really bring the theme to the party.  So I decided to go with simple touches here and there and I think it turned out well. 

 I made these little foam characters inspired by this link. They were insanely time consuming (about an hour and a half per pig) but I really loved how they turned out! 

These little guys sat at the front entry way table with the kids piggy ears and crafts. 

I saw these adorable pig ears on Etsy and I knew I could make them. They were super quick to stitch together and would have been even faster if I would have glued them. The kids really enjoyed them.

I ordered these little piggy banks on Amazon here. They were a huge hit, but more on that later!

To bring color to the room, I made some tissue pom poms and reused a few from previous parties. The little Peppa and George characters  are from Party City. They were cute but I wish they were a bit bigger. 

In the kitchen we had more pom poms over the table and a grass table cloth which I loved!!

The cake! I am so in love with it! For a more detailed look at the cake click here.

 For the food we had Piggy rolls, which were cute. Mom tried so hard to make them like what we saw on Pinterest, but they just weren't cooperating. I think they ended up looking just fine!

 Jello for our Duck Pond.

 Muddy Puddles, Curly Pig Tails (Curly fries), and Mr. Potato Fries.

Grampa Pig fruit and Veggies, and George's Dinosaurs. 

When the kids first arrived, we started out with crafts. They really got into decorating their piggies. I had sharpie markers for them to color on the piggies and then I provided gems to add some sparkle.

They were so focused!

Such beautiful Masterpieces!!

Then I painted their faces while they got some food.


Then we did some dancing and jumping in Muddy Puddles!

I really need to work on my facial expressions! Of course we did magic cupcake, but instead of cupcakes we made cookies this time. The kids always enjoy the magic. 


Then it was Pinata time! I loved how Peppa turned out! She was just darling. (For the creative process click here.)

Camryn's face was hilarious!

E has really gotten into Pinata's over the years. Way to go birthday girl!!

Then we made some balloons! 

Group Shot!

Our sweet little piggies!

Time for cake!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! We are so blessed to call you ours and you bring so much love, laughter and joy into our home! You are so loved sweet girl!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Peppa Pig Cake

It's cake time! Oh sweet mercy! I honestly look forward to making these cakes so much!! They are just so much fun and Mom and I have gotten pretty good at them. Mom's morning was spent baking cakes, and making several batches of rice krispies. Here are all of the parts and pieces. (*Note to self: Pre-bake the cakes and krispies, it just breaks up the process a bit. Mom spent a total of 14 hours baking, making fondant, frosting, and creating. It was a LONG day for her! THANK YOU MOM!)

Peppa's face. 

E really wanted to help and it's hard to say no when it's her birthday, so she whipped the frosting!

This time around we decided to use rice krispie treats as the base layer. We always end up with SO much cake left over and this was a much cheaper and sturdier route.

The inspiration. (Click here.)

Dirty ice the base.

 Drape with fondant. We put it on too thin and it really bothered us.

Dirty ice the next layer.

Drape the fondant.

This cake was pretty forgiving. We knew we wanted to add some grass and a border around the base so we didn't have to be very "exact." which was really nice! 

Putting on the house.

Because the base was so lumpy and we had so much green fondant left over, we decided to add and wrap around it like the second layer which really cleaned it up! Once the tree and house were positioned, we added a boarder.

At this point E was begging to help again. Poor girl! Fondant cakes are just so precise. Grammy and E decided to make a flower together. 

She was so cute!

Then it was time to add the flowers. We couldn't figure out a way to make the circles even so we decided to punch them out of fondant with a frosting tip. It was decided that the tree needed apples too!

Three layers complete, now to assemble and create Peppa!

 Peppa was a lot of trial and error. I should have taken pictures of all of the renditions. We tried big cheeks and big eyes, then bright cheeks, eye placement on the sides of her head, mouth, no mouth, it was a gong show! After at least 4 different looks, we found something that we were happy with!


I just love this cake! It is clean, simple and colorful! Our only complaint was that Peppa was just a bit too big in proportion to the cake, but gosh darn it she was darling! 

E was pretty excited when she came out of her room and saw the finished product for the first time! 

She was especially proud of her little flower and I really loved that she had something to do with the cake too. I'm sure as she gets older she will become more and more involved.

Another masterpiece done! Thank you so much Mom Tobler! I love our creations and I can't wait until our next adventure together! (Next time we will break up the baking into a few days!)
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