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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Say it With Love: Say it with A Fortune Cookie

Day 3: For today's day I made Jakob fortune cookies. I found this idea on Love Actually. This one is my favorite! They turned out perfect! And I'm sure Jakob is going to love them. For Christmas 2008, I gave him a jam jar full of pills that said take one daily and inside had reasons/ things I love about him. Same principle here; so put on your thinking caps and jots down some reasons why you love your one and only. Or if you want actual fortune cookie quotes click here. Here's a step by step tutorial for how to make the "cookies". I honestly do not know how other bloggers are able to keep their work area's so clean! Our craft table is our computer desk so I apologize for the clutter! Enjoy!

Things you'll need:
1 - take out box (You can find them at Michaels for approx. $1.25)
Or if you want to make your own use this template
3 - 12x 12 pieces of adorable paper (or more depending on the size of your circle.)
Some tape or glue stick depending on how thick your paper is.
Circular object of your choice in size.

Step 1:
(I apologize for the blurry pictures, I'm a shaker and the flash was not cooperating.) Trace and cut out your circle. I used the laundry detergent cup and I thought they were a little small which made them cute, however slightly difficult to fold.

Step 2:
Fold paper in half with pattern on the inside.

Step 3:
Unfold paper and place a piece of tape perpendicular to the fold. This makes things to much easier!

Step 4:Place note inside so it is parallel to the tape. Push along the already folded line and grab edges like so...

Step 5:
Secure tape
Presto! I think these are just the cutest. I used 3 sheets of different colored paper and then added a cute tag that said "I'm so fortunate to have you." I think today will be a hit!  

Fortune cookie messages take all forms - humorous, serious, motivational or Love.

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