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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Twine Letters

As of late I have done absolutely nothing crafty aside from:
  • Make invitations (which really doesn't count because I had to do that)
  • Crochet little hats and diaper covers for our little one (which also doesn't count simply because I do that all of the time)
  • & Craft night with the ladies in the ward once a month (which clearly isn't enough!)

I decided that I needed a project activity that was adorable, easy, and I could complete it in one day. After all, idle hands are the devils play things (in other words if I'm not creating I'm shopping online, and even though I'm almost done my Christmas shopping and I find FABULOUS deals online it still doesn't make one's husband very happy to find out while he's been working, you've been spending.)

After explaining this to my dear friend Jenna she agreed and we turned to Pinterest (an uncontrollable addiction I have recently discovered, seriously it's like crack for crafters) for some ideas. Off we went to Joanne's, coupons in hand. (Jenna had never used coupons before *gasp* we saved $5 *cha ching!*) We then had to venture to Home Depot because Joanne's did not carry twine. Mind boggling... a craft store without twine!

We headed back to her place and the creativity began. Originally I had thought this was going to be a quick hour long project, an hour and a half max. Wrong! Let me tell you, it takes some serious time to wrap every inch of your letter in twine. Every 10 minutes or so Jenna would exclaim "I hate "S's!" They are too curvy! It made me smile.

So around and around we went on this never ending spinning craft when all of a sudden I hear this "Uh Oh" come from Jenna. I look up and lo and behold she's run out of twine! Impossible, I still had half of my roll left! How could she have possibly run out?! We decided that she'd use the rest of mine once I had finished and until then she would make pretty flowers for her wreath/ letter (another first for Jenna.) I sent her to the sight for fabric flowers on my side bar to pick out something pretty. She made a flower and let's just say... it wasn't working out. I quickly showed her how to make a flower I use on almost all of my projects. Off she went eager as could be! Until she decided that it looked more like a blob than a flower. Let me tell you burlap flowers are a tricky thing! She ended up stealing mine and I was happy to be able to fix her problem.

Tada! I am now the proud owner of a "T" for my door and a numb pointer finger (don't ask me where the numb finger came from... it started during yesterday's craft and is still numb today. I consulted Dr. Google and it said it's probably a pinched nerve of sorts. What it really is is annoying!)

Here's Jenna's final product hanging on the door. I won't be hanging mine until we move. We're in the midst of packing everything up including my dear door hanger. Thanks for craft day Jenna! It was a lot of fun!

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