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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wing Back Chair Make Over

I have tackled reupholstering. The idea never even crossed my mind until we were curbside shopping and Gretchen was saying how fun it was. The chair was free so what did I have to lose? Plus it was like crafting and sewing all put together. Then one afternoon Gretchen came over and we started ripping out staples... that was it I was committed.

So while my Mom was here that was our project. (Well one of them anyways.) We ripped out staples for hours. 

Mom even stabbed herself with a screw driver... she is one dedicated lady!

after around 6 hours of staple ripping, the chair was bare! 

We bought aprox 8 1/2 yard of fabric and I began to race out the pieces we had ripped off of the chair, pinning labels to them as I went so I knew which would match up with which. I used the same piping from the chair as well. It was really straight forward.

Then it was time to put it all together! Gretchen brought her staple gun and we went to town.

I replaced the batting on the seat and added another layer to the arms and to the back. I got the batting for free form a sister in the ward. 

It's starting to come together
 And she's done! I can't begin to tell you how much I love it. It's not perfect which drives me insane but for my first time, I am pretty happy with the turn out!

In total I think it took roughly 20 hours +/- which isn't bad in my opinion and came to a total of $60 for supplies. I didn't find it very difficult, if you can sew, you can do this! Everyone seems to like it and Jakob now thinks that it is his chair. Now to recover E's little rocker and start on my chaise. Well, maybe we will wait until after Christmas to do the chaise.


The Mom Tobler said...

This is just totally amazing and comfy too! There must be something to "in the eye of the beholder" because you made quite a transformation.
Nice work! the pa

Marilyn said...

Love it! That is inspiring! I will have to ask you how you did the final pieces without showing the staples? Do you know what I am talking about? I have used some trim in the past when I reupholstered something to cover it up but I should probably just research how to put the final pieces on in a way to hide the staples... Not sure how to explain. Haha I am a dork! ;)

Stephanie Tobler said...

There is a trim that you staple on and it has claws. The fabric folds inside of the claws and you hammer the teeth down to get that beautiful edge. I have another two wing backs that I want to redo, I will take better pictures. Also if you google it, it should come up. I just went to and upholstery shop and they had some I bought from them

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