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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Letter I

It was our turn to host Letter Group again and we had the letter I. It was a surprisingly difficult letter to do.

First we sang songs. Then we got our the ABC train and matched the letters we had done so far. Uppercase and lower case.

Then it was time to make some ice cream. I put pictures of the I words on the back: Insect, Ice cream, Ice Cube, Investigate, and Instrument.
Then we played I spy for some Insects around the house.

Then we made Imprints of the Insects in play doh. 

And attempted to make the letters out of the doh. 

Then we had to break open some Ice using Insruments to get out the Insects. 

Then we made some Igloo's.

And some Iguana's. It was a fun letter group!

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The Mom Tobler said... letter group.

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