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Monday, September 26, 2016

Things that Go Quiet Book - Tractor

 Who doesn't love a little John Deer? I nanny a little girl and her Dad works for John Deer so we have a special place for them in our hearts. Another super simple page to put together! 

 One of my favorite features is the plastic windows. I really didn't want to use blue felt, a leaving them blank just felt unfinished so for the windows throughout the book, I used light weight clear plastic. A little goes a long way and I really think it gives the vehicles a little something something. 

Originally I had thought that this would be great for taking the wheels on and off but while buttons are still a bit tricky for my little man he really likes to just spin the wheels. While either option works BIG buttons are a must for this page! 

This pattern for this page is available for purchase via my Etsy shop and as always thank you so much for your support and interest in my work!

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