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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Peppa Pig Cake

It's cake time! Oh sweet mercy! I honestly look forward to making these cakes so much!! They are just so much fun and Mom and I have gotten pretty good at them. Mom's morning was spent baking cakes, and making several batches of rice krispies. Here are all of the parts and pieces. (*Note to self: Pre-bake the cakes and krispies, it just breaks up the process a bit. Mom spent a total of 14 hours baking, making fondant, frosting, and creating. It was a LONG day for her! THANK YOU MOM!)

Peppa's face. 

E really wanted to help and it's hard to say no when it's her birthday, so she whipped the frosting!

This time around we decided to use rice krispie treats as the base layer. We always end up with SO much cake left over and this was a much cheaper and sturdier route.

The inspiration. (Click here.)

Dirty ice the base.

 Drape with fondant. We put it on too thin and it really bothered us.

Dirty ice the next layer.

Drape the fondant.

This cake was pretty forgiving. We knew we wanted to add some grass and a border around the base so we didn't have to be very "exact." which was really nice! 

Putting on the house.

Because the base was so lumpy and we had so much green fondant left over, we decided to add and wrap around it like the second layer which really cleaned it up! Once the tree and house were positioned, we added a boarder.

At this point E was begging to help again. Poor girl! Fondant cakes are just so precise. Grammy and E decided to make a flower together. 

She was so cute!

Then it was time to add the flowers. We couldn't figure out a way to make the circles even so we decided to punch them out of fondant with a frosting tip. It was decided that the tree needed apples too!

Three layers complete, now to assemble and create Peppa!

 Peppa was a lot of trial and error. I should have taken pictures of all of the renditions. We tried big cheeks and big eyes, then bright cheeks, eye placement on the sides of her head, mouth, no mouth, it was a gong show! After at least 4 different looks, we found something that we were happy with!


I just love this cake! It is clean, simple and colorful! Our only complaint was that Peppa was just a bit too big in proportion to the cake, but gosh darn it she was darling! 

E was pretty excited when she came out of her room and saw the finished product for the first time! 

She was especially proud of her little flower and I really loved that she had something to do with the cake too. I'm sure as she gets older she will become more and more involved.

Another masterpiece done! Thank you so much Mom Tobler! I love our creations and I can't wait until our next adventure together! (Next time we will break up the baking into a few days!)

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