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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fire Truck Pinata and Box

There wasn't much prep involved in this party. Lots of printing and laminating. I did make the pinata from scratch and it was very straight forward. 

 Not my finest piece of work, but Duke was thrilled!!

The fire trucks that the kids had their race in was a little more complicated and they turned out so much cuter Than I had hoped! I started off spray painting a couple of diaper boxes black. I then did a light uneven coat of red over the top. 

I taped white paper to the front and cut out a few windows from construction paper. The bumper is tinfoil. 

 i made a grill from tin foil and added a few lights. 

 I cut out a glittery 4, cut out the words FIRE DEPT and 911 on my cricut. 

 I used a mini solo cup for the light on top and put a battery operated light inside so that it would light up. 

I just love them! They turned out great and where super simple! Now it's time to party!

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