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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Little Pony Party Prep

It's that time again! Time to crack out some decorations. First up the pinata! I've done several pinata tutorials in the past so here is the quick and dirty version.

I thought this would go faster than it did but this pony was time consuming!

Time to get your hair done!

Rap the legs, add some accessories and a horn and voila! One Pony Pinata. 

As one of the activities we made necklaces. I had to drill holes in the heads of the ponies but to do that I had to use Duke's little toy vice. It was rather entertaining. 

I made up some flower crowns. I had enough supplies so we made up a crown for Piper too. Piper's birthday is two days after E's and they were having a unicorn party as well! 

Rocking out our first balloon arch. Mom had been slaving all day and needed a rest. She is the bestest! It's starting to look good!

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