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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


My mother was with Jakob and I for two weeks so naturally we had to have a project to work on. So we made chimes for my primary children to play in the primary program and at Christmas time.

After three trips to Home Depot we finally got all of the things that we needed. It was time consuming work. Thankfully we had a premade set we kidnapped from the primary chorister in my home ward in Canada. Huge shout out to Allison! You rock!

First we had to cut each pipe. We made not one, not two but three sets! That's a lot of cutting!

We then labeled each note...
... and painted wooden balls for mallets.

It took my mother 5 hours to write out all of the Christmas songs in just one book. She's a trooper!

We even had Jakob drilling holes. It was a fun project and I have to add some final touches but it'll be perfect for the program. The primary children are so excited! I shall post some pictures of them playing them. They are so cute!

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