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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dress from Hell!

This dress was seriously, one of the most frustrating items I have EVER created, and that is saying something.

I bought the this pattern thinking "It's modest, it has a cap sleeve, I can lengthen it if necessary, scoop neck, piece of cake." WRONG! The neck was too low and the shoulders too narrow consequently making me immodest. I figure if I'm going to take the time to sew a dress I had better make it modest without needing to add tank top and so on.

Cap sleeves were not going to work so we had to create those, easy peasy. Okay, I thought, no big deal we'll simply raise the neck line and widen the shoulders a smidgen. Wrong again. Because of all the seams around the neck line it took some serious thought to make this baby work. HUGE shout out to Mom Tobler! My mind would have never wrapped around the concept, and it still doesn't but she made it work... or so we thought.

On the first fitting we discovered that my bust is three inches too low. I don't think Jakob will ever let me live that down. Not like I can help it or anything... anyways. This small detail caused quite the problem, consequentially I to had to tear the dress apart and start again.... and again.... and again... and again. Can you see a pattern forming? Once we finally got it to the spot we wanted we discovered there was a bubble. Tired and annoyed I handed it to Mom and simply said 'Please.' I knew in her capable hands all would be well... wrong again. She fixed the bubble but then the neck line drooped. I'm saying.... dress from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks!

Back to the drawing board we went. We finally ripped it apart for the sixth time and Mom hand stitched to while I was wearing it. Talk about a custom fit! Still the neck drooped. Struggling to keep our sanity Mom made a last ditch effort to correct the problem. And it worked. She sewed and elastic band in the neckline to help hold it together. Brilliant, there was still a funky spot so we decided to add some flowers for flavor.

At last the dress (that I thought would only take me 3 days to complete, and instead took me 6) was finished!!!!! I am so pleased with the end result and even more pleased that it's finally DONE!

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