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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Father's Day Candy Gram

Ethnie and I are seriously spoiled. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful man as a husband and a father. Jakob works so hard for us and he never complains. I mean never!! Since he is so wonderful I didn't think celebrating Father's Day could be bottled up in 24 hours, plus, Ethnie and I flew to Canada this week to surprise my Mother for her birthday. Hopefully these few small gifts will make us feel not so far away.

For the first day Jakob got a candy gram. It was pretty pathetic if I do say so myself, the dollar store didn't offer very many choices. Nevertheless he liked it :)

It said:
Dear Mr. Toblerone
 We hope that you are having an Abba-Zaba day! You are our lifesaver and a Joy! You are worth more than 100 Grand or a Cup-O-Gold. You make Ethnie go GooGoo and Mama can't stop Gobstopp-ing at you. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our 3 musketeers even though we are a couple of Goobers. We look forward to sharing many more mentos. Happy First Father's Day!
xo Love Your Sweetarts.

Okay hunny your next gift is in the computer room closet, on top of my Cricut cartridges. :) LOVE YOU!

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