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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kids Activites

 This week was full of festive crafts and lots of cuddles. Daddy had the car all week due to the rain and interviews. Nothing like showing up to an interview wet, smelling like exhaust, and rocking helmet hair. So due to the lack of transportation we stayed indoors.

 We had an epic game of hide and seek. E is getting really good at hiding and she usually stays pretty quiet while I look for her.

 Manfred saw his sister hiding and he wanted to have a turn too. He wasn't as discrete.

 Gosh this boy is cute!!

We made some foot/ hand print pictures to hang on the wall. E stuck on the eyes all by herself and made the little ghost mouths with her fingerprint. 

 Duke really needed to put two spiders on his but we were lucky to get one as nice as this with little flailing fingers. ;) These are hanging on the wall now and I {love} them!

 We tried our hand at finger painting again. E wasn't all that trilled with wearing an apron. She said it was too "iff" (stiff.) Gotta love the home depot aprons :). She did really well with the finger painting this time however.

 It turned into a witch with her little hand prints for hair. This was a great craft since there were so many different things to do (paint, trace, cut, tape and glue.)

 We took another break from crafts. (E played with play doh for nap time, she LOVES play doh!) Instead of a crafts we made a fort. It started out small and then turned into a fort castle that included the kitchen table. They had a blast with their blankets, pillows and flashlights. I think I need to get E a little lantern. 

 E and I went for a walk to gather leaves. We had a lot of fun finding different shapes and colors and putting them is E's baggie. When we got home we made little owls. This was a great craft to use up some of my scrap booking scraps. E had a great time picking out the colors and taping everything together.

 E's first baby owl.

 E's second Mama owl. 

Then half way through this owl she said she was all done so she says this is Mama's owl. He's chubby ;). I adore these little owls and they were so much fun to make!!

That's it for this week can you believe that Halloween is just a couple of weeks away?!?! I think next week we will be buying Pumpkins!

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