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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kids Activites

This week felt much calmer. We weren't rushing everywhere, Daddy was home quite a bit and we just focused on having fun!

Big boxes, the key to hours of fun for little people. This time we made a fort out of the box and the kids couldn't get enough of it.

It was a great activity that Duke could enjoy too. :)

Painting. I had been painting my peg people quite a bit and E asked if she could use the "Bush like Mom." (brush.) I was a bit skeptical thinking that she was going to destroy my paint brushes by mashing them into the water but she suprised me. 

She held the brush properly, tried not to mix the colors (for the most part) and was really good about drying the brush off every time she rinsed it so we wouldn't have a big mess. All in all paint brush painting was a success. 

Wednesday we went to the Zoo with our Mommies group. It is an awesome Zoo and we got a year pass so we could go with Gramma and Daddy. When we got home we made our first paper dress. 

For the month of October I am going to try and make festive crafts with E every day. Thursday we made a cotton ball ghost. 

 This craft was great. She did at all by herself! I cut out a mouth and some eyes and she glued those on too. 

Then she begged me to make another paper dress. This one fit her much better.

 We made a hand print spider. This one didn't hold her attention as well (she really just wanted to play with play doh) but she was really proud of the finished product.

I am looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. I {LOVE} this time of year!

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