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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Week- Build Nephi's Boat

 Time to jump into the Book of Mormon. This is another one of my original pages. I went to Google and printed off a boat. I then traced it and added Velcro on the back. I then stitched on all of the lines on the machine. Once I had finished all of the lines I cut it into puzzle pieces around the Velcro.The stitching made each piece very stable which is important when they are going to be handled a lot.

 I really liked the idea of having a puzzle for the kids to do. This will be great for when the children are older as the puzzle is a little bit difficult. The sail comes off as well.

Since this is a church book it seemed necessary to add "Help Nephi Build a Boat." Otherwise it would have been rather random. :)

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