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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Week - Alma the Younger

 I got this idea here. While she didn't have a pattern to follow I pretty much copied it exactly. We did destroy one of those baby shaker toys to get the rattler out of it. This page is perfect for younger kids.

 I didn't feel that anyone had to come off of this page so that made thing a lot faster. I really like the muted tones of Alma's outfit. I discovered these towards the end of my quiet book making experience. I really like how it adds some subtle diversity.

Though I haven't mentioned it I'd like to now draw your attention to the pack ground. It is made out of cotton instead of felt. Half way through my book I realized that adding felt to my backgrounds was adding a lot of additional bulk I didn't want or need. I started making them out of 100% cotton and it made thing much better. It also adds some uniformity which I really like!

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