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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Week - Rainbow

 I essentially copied  this rainbow exactly. I used a salad plate for the original red arch and then I sewed on the orange before I cut the underside of the red. Does that make sense? In summation I didn't cut each color in an arch I didn't think I'd be able to get them even. It was a lot of eye balling. 

 To get the words I printed off a font I liked on the computer and traced it onto the fabric with a disappearing marker. Then I hand stitched on every single word. Yes, this took forever (approx 4 hours) but in the long run it looks so much better than marker and it'll last forever.

 I love the flower snaps they add so much color. The point of this page is to match the colors. The only down size which I didn't think of, is my buttons are pretty small and perfect for choking. This will be a page for when E is quite a bit older. The snaps were also difficult for Vi to do but I'm sure with practice that would be a non issue.



    Anonymous said...

    Where did you get the flower snaps?

    Stephanie Tobler said...

    I got them from JoAnn, but this was several years ago.

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