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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Week- Noah's Ark

I just {loved} Laura's animals! So much so that I used the pattern on a few pages. This is one of my favorite pages! I did add a zipper instead of a flap door like Laura.

 I also added color backgrounds to most of my pages which I think really finished them. 

 I also added rain drops. I really think it's in the small details that make the book.

All of the animals. I think I might make a crocodile and a peacock one day.

 I hand stitched on the mouths an eyes. These are also finished both back and front so they look just as nice on either side. May I suggest and bare testimony on SPRAY ADHESIVE! It's $9 from Joanne's I didn't discover it until my Nativity page and it makes a WORLD of difference. Keeps all of those tiny pieces in place without pins! Give it a try! You won't regret it!

My only issue was that even though my ark covers almost the entire page it's still difficult to fit in all of the animals without adding a HUGE amount of bulk. To remedy this I added a zipper pocket in the back of the case to hold all of the extra animals and now only 3 or four animals live in the ark.(More on the case another day.) I am in love with Noah's Ark! My niece Violet really liked this page too!

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