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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Witch Costume

 This witch was finished a few weeks ago but we just got around to taking pictures of it. May I just express how much I adore this dress. It came out better than I had imagined. Gosh I love creating things.

This is was the original dress that I was after. I love the look. Feminine and spooky but still appropriate for younger children. Of course I still wanted to change a few things.

 First we added some festive fabrics. Nothing says witch like spiderwebs. 

 We made this top twice. The first time I made it WAY too big! Ooops. Note to self even if it claims
 it's only a 36, measure, since I'm a 28. So Mom being the saint she is redid  the entire top. She also added extra corsetting up the back so I could add layers and gain some weight ;).

 I also didn't want draping sleeves. Too often I am face painting and draping sleeves are just a nightmare! I just love these skin tight spiders. They add so much to the costume. I also wanted a little somethin' somethin' for the shoulders. Mom set to work and came up with these beauties! LOVE THEM!

 And what would a witch be without a cape to keep her warm?

 I didn't get to wear it for this years festivities but I am super excited for next Halloween! As always I am anxious for my next project!

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