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Monday, February 2, 2015

Christmas Crafts

When we were still in Nashville we started to plan out all of the things we would do in Vegas. The nativity, play in the snow, look at lights, make crafts every day. We were rather successful with most everything but when it came to a craft a day... FAIL! I was horrible. We still get our creative juices flowing but not like I had planned. 

 First item of business was to make play doh! (Go figure, E {loves} play doh!) She was really excited to help Grammy make up a batch.

She then got to pick her colors! And off she went to play.

A few minutes later we had to do some surgery. Grammy is awesome and got all of the dough out without having to wash her hair. 

We decorated the door.

We made a few Christmas ornament. E loved picking out the buttons to decorate her tree!

Correction... Trees.

We went on a play date to Aunt Shellie's and made ornaments, some of which included a gingerbread man, ghost, and owl. E and I made thumbprint hearts. 

We made a marshmallow Santa. The difficult part was gluing faster than E could eat them. If there was any delay she would gobble them up.

Manfred was all about reaching up on his tippy toes and sneaking the bottoms ones. And that's a wrap! Like I said, I failed but I loved the crafts we did do. Such a busy time of year!

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