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Monday, February 2, 2015

Nativity Pegs

Wow! It has been forever since I posted! Time to play catch up! This year I have really enjoyed painting these little peg people. I decided that I wanted to make a little Nativity for the kids and I am very proud of how far my painting skills have come. These guys took about an hour and a half a piece. It was a fun project!

Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus. Mary is hands down my favorite piece which is strange because I made her first. I usually look back at my first piece and wish I had done things differently but I love her. Jakob says that Joseph looks like a Jedi and I love it.

The three wise men. It took awhile and some last minute tweaking but I think I finally am satisfied with how they look. 

The angel and shepherd. I should have twisted her the other way, she has a long braid down the side. 

The sheep totally makes the shepherd.

The stable took me days. I'm not sure why I was so determined to make it look so detailed when the kids are going to play with it anyways but I tried to go all out.

Jakob taught me how to paint rocks, it was time consuming but I love how realistic they look. I love the wood roof, the pots and the textured walls. I'm pretty proud of this bad boy. 

Eventually I would like Jakob to make me a little manger for baby Jesus, but that will be down the road when the kids aren't into sticking everything in their mouths.

There you have it! My very first Nativity! Like I said before, I {loved} making this project and I hope that the kids will love playing with it this holiday season!

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