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Monday, February 2, 2015

Construction Birthday

Ready for a picture overload?! Like I said before we were going for simple for Duke's party. Being in Mom Tobler's house was both a blessing and a curse. A curse because you are in someone else home, which makes is little bit difficult to clear out rooms or walls to set up decorations. And a blessing because because we were in Mom's home it made me keep it simple... or simpler since I wasn't able to clear out rooms. So we started with balloons. A tip for balloons: Blow them up and then tape them to the roof. They look exactly like helium without having to pay $1 a balloon. 

We'll start at the door. I love the electrical chord wreath. Super simple! Caution! Hard hat area!

Let me tell you this party was all in the details and most of those details happened to be amazingly simple street signs and caution tape. We got the tape at Harbor Freight and I printed out all of my signs on yellow and orange cardstock with just black ink to safe on a bunch of color. 

The entry way table. 

 I had the kids write their names on a card and put it on their hats. 

 The favors. Oh, and a bag of candy of course. 

Yes, the balloons on the sides are helium but all the rest inside are not! I love the effect they have!

The cake table.

The cake. For more on the cake click here.

Since the cake would have looked a little lonely I made a dump truck balloon to sit next to it. It turned out so cute!

The Mantle. It needed some balloons but I ran out :( .

I think my favorite decoration was this guy right here! We had Daddy on Skype so that he could be a part of the birthday! He was hilarious. The men carried him from room to room. He actually became part of the IT department and was ready to Google anything during the debates that took place. Our friends can't get together without some sort of debate. :)

I made the kids tools boxes and printed out some tools for them to color and cut out at home. 

The food!!! We did a hotdog bar and it was great!! I love that Mom can make food look so beautiful! This is not a talent that I have and I'm so glad that she does!

Hands down the paint cans full of ketchup and mustard were my favorite!!

We used fresh paint brushes from the dollar store no fear.  People were a bit concerned :). They were so cute!!

This was my brother's toy when they were little. I stole it while I was in Canada! It was perfect! I love the little hard hat people.

I really like making a banner from 1- 12 months. Since Duke hasn't had his 12 month pictures taken yet I just put "Under Construction" on that spot. I didn't have my cricut which had me stressed at first but then I went and bought some stickers and put them on instead. SO much simpler!!!! 

The back door! A little caution tape goes a long way!

Okay, it's time to party before little man destroys everything :)

But, not before a photo shoot in his little onesie. I wanted him to wear jeans but it was too hot for that. He looked soooo cute!

 Let the party begin!!

 I {love} that Dad dressed up!! This makes my heart happy!

Uncle Duke talking to the foreman.

Dad was the grill master! Thanks Dad!!

Stu had a little photo shoot of his own!

This guy cracks me up!

Since I was running around like crazy Cortney was sweet enough to hold Duke for the majority of the time! 

They were good friends! :)

Uncle Duke was part of the inspiration for the theme of this party. He works in the construction industry.

I was so glad that Uncle David made it!

For a large majority of the evening Jakob was playing random videos. When I say random I mean random. Just a few that I remember were a snake attacking a balloon, a dog flying through the air, and a sexy picture of a Chippendale's dancer. Jakob cracks me up and even though he wasn't technically "there" he was still the center of the party. :)

Duke and his cake. I love that smile!

Mmmm that's yummy!

That's it! It was such an amazing party! I was so glad that so many people were able to make it so we could say goodbye. I bawled when Duke and David left. It hit me that we were actually leaving. All of these people are my family. We have had such amazing times together and I will miss everyone dearly. I cannot explain how much it meant to me that everyone would come to celebrate little Duke turning one. ONE! Where did the time go?! Happy birthday little man! We will celebrate some more as your birthday gets closer!

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