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Monday, February 2, 2015

Elmo Cake

 The day before E's party Jakob was kind enough to take the day off so that he could watch the kids while Mom and I tackled the cake. It was SO NICE to be able to work on a project together without the little people. Don't get me wrong, I love my children but I miss the days of D.I.L.T. where Mom and I would cook, sew, and talk for hours. While this stage in my life is fun, it is different and I had missed our shenanigans. 

Part one of the process was to shape Elmo. We had an imposter Elmo as our guide. E knows the difference between her Elmo and any other Elmo.

 His feet were a pill. They would sag and droop and cause all sorts of frustration. Next time I think I will mold them around a bendy straw. 

 Mom had pre made most of the fondant but she wasn't happy with the hue of the blue. Blue gets messy. :)

 Ready to assemble.

 Dirty Icing the cake.
 Mom was impressing me with her super strength while she mixed the last batch of fondant. 

 I've never worked with fondant before. Last year I simply made bee's but this year Mom let me have some hands on experience. It was very fun and I loved the way it felt and how it worked. It's really cake magic. 

 Cutting circles, lots of circles.

 Next item of business was to make Elmo. We cut out a mouth and filled it with fruit roll up. Once his head was skewered on....

 Mom went to town with her new fur tip. He was coming to life!!! 

 Almost there!!

 Once he was placed on the cake it was time to add the decorations. 

I really cannot express how in love with him we were! It was PERFECT and I really don't think that it could have gotten much better! Thank you so much for putting in so many hours to make him Mom (it took us six hours just assembling!) I love, love, love, love him and Peanut did too!!

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