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Monday, February 2, 2015

Kids Activites

This was our final week for Halloween crafts and I am a bit sad that it is over. We have had so much fun making little creations throughout the month. 

This time I let E check out Pinterest to see what she wanted to create. She was dead set on making rock monsters. Unfortunately, I sold all of my river rocks before the move (I mean really it's just one of those things that I wish I had held onto.) Since there aren't any beautifully round rocks here we went on a hunt to see what we could find. There is a vacant lot a few houses down from us and we brought home a few rocks. I think one of them was just a clump of dirt but E was excited!

I love watching her paint. She has such a cute concentration expression and she is always very careful. 

Our rocks. This was E favorite. :)

I swear this is a clump of dirt. :)

Friday: Happy Halloween!!
 How could we not do a festive craft on Halloween. E decided to go with witches. At first she just wanted to watch so I made the purple witch. 

 Then she decided that she wanted one too. She picked out all of the colors. I especially love the pink boots. and then she said that I could paint and she would glue. 

I can't believe that Halloween has come and gone. I am excited to post pictures pictures of E's new costume.

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