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Monday, February 2, 2015

Matching Father Son Bow Ties and Little Man Suspenders

To kick off Halloweek I decided that everyone should be dressed to impress for church. So I made Duke and Daddy matching bow ties. Jakob's tie was one that you could actually tie. They looked so cute but Jakob was less than thrilled. He really dislikes "holiday attire." He says they are cute for little people but not for him, even if his wife went to all the effort to make a legitimate bow tie and not just a clip on. Oh well!

This kid looked awesome!!!

I made his suspenders a bit big and took a tuck in the so he could rock them for a few years. Watch out ladies!

They looked cute as a pair and Daddy was gracious enough to take pictures. He then changed his tie to a black and gold one. Not as cool but at least he still coordinated ;). Happy Halloweek! Let's bring on the fun!!

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