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Monday, February 2, 2015

Turkey's With Leaves & More Poppies

I decided to do a spin off of the owls that we made for Halloween and make turkey's the leaves are almost all finished changing colors but there are still a few beautiful trees on our street. E and I had to walk a ways to gather up these beauties but it was so worth it. 

I liked the owls better but these turned out really well. They are a wonderful way to use up scrap paper!

Every time I see a red maple leaf it makes me ache for Canada. I love my country very much!

It being Remembrance Day we decided to do another poppy craft. These were a piece of cake to make. 
Then we made another kind of turkey. E was pretty excited about painting!

We were pretty impatient waiting for the paint to dry so we stuck it over the heat register. 

Sometimes it "accidentally" flew away. :)

E helped me match all the leaves by size, shape and color. Then we hot glued them on. I think this is my favorite craft o far! 

These leaves were brilliant. You couldn't buy leaves prettier than this! 

I am loving fall in Nashville. It is breath taking!

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