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Monday, February 2, 2015

Peg Princes

A little while back my SIL Janet, asked if I could make a few princess pegs for my nieces for Christmas. She also asked for a prince. I had made a prince for Violet (Flynn) but I couldn't remember what it looked like. So I made Prince Eric. As I was making Eric for Lucia, Ethnie said "Mommy, make the princes for me?!" So I set to work making her a set of princes for Christmas. I didn't do the whole set, I am missing Aladdin and Naveen, but she has yet to see the Princess and the Frog, and she doesn't play with Jasmine so I opted to omit them. 

After much research I have discovered that Snow White's prince doesn't have an official name. Some say it is Prince Valient but he is more formally known as "Prince." Poor guy. For almost all of the princes I simply followed a picture of the character on the internet as my guide vs. coping something off of Pinterest that someone else had created. I really enjoyed this approach! It really helped me get my creative juices flowing.

Prince Philip and Princess Aurora.

I really think I should have made a hat for him. 

Prince Charming and Cinderella.

I really wasn't happy with Prince Charmings final outcome. I may have to redo him in the future.

I can't tell you how much I {love} how the beast turned out. I actually copied him from both the picture and some peg I found via Pinterest. I love, love, {love} him!

Here's the 360.

I almost wish I made him a bit bigger than Belle. Poor Belle, she looks lame next to this guy. E really wants me to make Prince Adam. Her little mind exploded when she found out the Beast turned into a human, and now of course she wants him too. Perhaps for her birthday :).

Ariel and Eric. Ariel is another one that needs to be redone because she looks lame. 

Flynn and Rapunzel. I am very pleased with how he turned out. He was a bit tricky.

Kristoff and Anna. My second favorite! He came out just like I wanted him to. He looks a bit dark in pictures but he really turned out perfectly! 

I love the fur. It really pulled him together. 

There you have it, all of the gentlemen.

The men and their ladies.

The whole gang including Elsa, Tiana, and Merida. Jasmine was given to Duke to chew on. I am very pleased with the whole gang. I might have to redo a few princesses but I'm super excited to give E the boys for Christmas! One month and counting!!

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