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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Frozen Snowflake Elsa Wand

I knew I wanted to give the girls coming to E's party wands as favors. I mean what little girl doesn't love having a princess wand?! I looked online for some snowflake wands but nothing really spoke to me so I decided to make my own.

For this project you'll need dowels (or bamboo skewers which is what I used. I taped 6 of them together to make them strong enough.) Ribbon and snowflake ornaments. I got mine on clearance at Big Lots for $1 for 4 which put this project at .25¢ per wand. 

For the record, I HATE glitter. It's nice to look at but it gets everywhere, it's terrible to clean up and have you ever gotten glitter in your contact? WORST. FEELING. EVER! SO that being said I needed a way to stabilize the glitter. I laid them on a cookies sheet covered with a trash bag.

Then I sprayed them with this clear finish which helped but they still shed glitter like crazy. So I painted them with a layer of sealant. Much better!

Next I taped my bamboo skewers together. 

I fired up my hot glue gun and started wrapping my sticks with ribbon. Glue and wrap, glue and wrap all the way up. Be sure to hide your raw edges under the layers your wrap to keep everything nice and clean. 

Once you get to the top leave a little tail. 

Now you are going to want to cut different colors of ribbon at different lengths. I used silver, white, bright and light blue. 

Grab your ribbon, seal the ends with a lighter so that they don't fray. Then stick the ribbons under the ribbon that wraps around your sticks and glue it down. You are then going to take your ornament and glue it to your sticks. Wrap the remaining ribbon that you had wrapped around your dowel to the ornament for extra stability. 

To finish it off take some contrasting ribbon and wrap it around the base of your ornament/ top of your sticks to hide all of the ugly bits and tada you are finished. 

Place them in a vase. The girls will love them! Trust me! :)

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