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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Week

 Valentines. How can Valentines have already come and gone? I really enjoy Valentines (as with all holiday's) because not only do I do Valentines Day, but I do Valentines Week. I try to do something special every day for the entire week before Valentines. Gifts and little notes are my love language 100%. Jakob works so hard (which happens to be his love language) and I want him to know that I appreciate it so one day just isn't enough. This year the budget was tight so I kept things pretty low key.

 A sock bouquet because Jakob is always in need of more socks and giving them to him just as, ya know, socks was lame. So I rolled him a dozen sock roses. They were adorable! 

 Day 2:
 I just love the funny things kids say and E is at a great age for funny phrases. For Jakob's second day I made him a heart chain that had reasons why E loves him on them. Some things include: He feeds me, he go to the zoo with Ethnie, Duke and Mommy, he play cushion game with Ethnie and Duke. So cute!

Day 3:
 Once upon a time, probably three years ago, Jakob wrote me a Christmas letter that had this picture on it. Since then I've embroidered pillows with the same picture and now we have a little mug set. You can buy them if you don't want to DIY it. I couldn't bring myself to pay $26.99. I got my cups at Wal-Mart (because my dollar store didn't have any. Weird right?) for $2. It was super fast and easy to make and you can find several different tutorials on Pinterest. 

 Day 4:
 We wrote out a questionnaire about Daddy from Ethnie. Her answers were adorable!

Day 5:
 I made up a game with simple questions about each other. It's amazing how much I learned about Jakob! Under each question I had written down my answers. Before we started I had Jakob write down his own answers and then we quizzed each other. It was fun!

Day 6:
 A mirror full of reason why I love him. 

Day 7:
 Jakob was in need of another tie rack.

Day 8:
 For the final day I gave him this little card. 

Costco is sort of an inside joke with us. We tend to go there unintentionally for special events birthdays, anniversary's, graduations. After awhile it just became our place which is convenient because it's delicious and cheap!

Saturday morning, this is what my hubby looked like. Sick, with the flu. It was seriously depressing. He didn't leave our bed for the entire day. I also happened to sleep on the couch... on Valentines. Yup, it was awesome. He wrote me a letter which is the best thing I could have asked for and he said that I had a gift coming "in the mail." He swears that he didn't forget ;). 

 I never made it to Jo-Ann to get fabric to make Duke a backpack like E's. Maybe next year. He got some chocolates and the coolest Lego toy ever!! 

 E's back pack was stuffed with goodies. 

 In the morning she asked if Santa came. She's hilarious. 

All of her goodies including an Ariel with TWO arms!! That was a pretty big deal! Despite Jakob and the kiddos being sick (kids are rocking a cough and colds) it was a great Valentines. Perhaps next year we can do without the illness. :) You can find all of these ideas and much more on my Pinterest Page. I hope everyone else spoiled their man and that your man spoiled you! Happy Valentines!

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