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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sock Animals- Monkey, Bunny & Lion

 My latest creations... Sock Animals!!! Let me tell you, these were a hoot to make!!!

 I started off with the monkey and I used this tutorial. I had the hardest time finding socks that weren't $7 a pair. When did socks get so expensive? I also had a hard time picking out a pattern. I loved the grey and yellow sock that the tutorial used but I couldn't find one, bummer. So we went with blue and I really like the colors now. He is totally flawed but I learned a lot while making him like, 1. Do not over stuff. 2. Make the eyes bigger and 3. do not run out of thread when sewing the mouth.

 I made the bunny later that day using this tutorial. I love the pink but the ears need some work. They didn't turn out a big as I had hoped and I used felt since I didn't have a spare sock kicking around that matched.

 This dude is my favorite!! I used this pattern. I love the colors, the mane and how he's proportioned! 

 Duke has never really attached himself to any toy. He loves his puppy, is impartial to Spike but once he saw this monkey there was an instant bond. Monkey went everywhere with him for 4 days. He even insisted that monkey sit in his high chair with him during meals. It was the cutest thing!E went straight for the bunny and that left Leo by his lone some. E felt bad and told the lion that he belonged to Daddy. She's so sweet!

All in all, it was a super fun project and they came together pretty quick. I see myself making more in the near future!

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