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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Boys Shirt to Cardigan

 Back in November of 2013 I saw some pins (similar here) on Pinterest of people turning onesies into cardigans. I made one and I fell in love with the idea. It was super simple and SO dang cute!

 A few weeks ago, Target had a few of their long sleeve shirts on clearance, so I picked up a couple. I sliced them up the front and put some ribbing along the raw edge. I also put some ribbing along the cuffs and bottom as well. On the onesie I made I just stitched the buttons to the sweater without making button holes, permanently closing the front. On this one I wanted it to open up so it has fully functional buttons! 

This was a super fun and quick project! I made it a bit big so hopefully it will fit him come the fall! Now just to find some Navy ribbing so I can make his other one!

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