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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pizza Banner

As per usual we had to have a gathering of sorts. The plan was keep it simple and I was all for it until I just had to "decorate" some how. I opted for a simple banner and since it was all about pizza that is what the banner was. Mom Tobler had all of the other pieces and it came together beautifully!

The banner was SUPER simple and I hot glued it together which worked in a pinch but I don't think I'll ever hot glue felt again. It just isn't the same as sewing. It was perfect. Just cut out some triangles out of tan, add some red for sauce and off white for cheese and whatever topping you'd like. 

Bring on the food!

I can't get enough of chambray and that little American shirt for Duke. I love me some maple leaves but star and stripes are super adorable! (Both of our shirts are found at Target.)

Stealing some of someone elses pizza. That's how we roll. It was a fun gathering and it was great to spend some time with friends!

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