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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stick Flag

Mom Tobler found a super cute stick flag on Pinterest and we decided that we wanted to make one. There wasn't any tutorial but we figured it would be pretty straight forward.
 First you want to find some sticks. We took ours off of a tree in Mom's yard. The straighter the better but a slight wave adds variation. Next you want to cut two smaller sticks that will go along the back to keep the flag in place. We cut 12 sticks at approx. 15 inches (+/-) each. Once you lay out your sticks in the order that you want them, cut a smaller stick to go up and down on your flag. Be sure that it is at least 3 inches longer than you r flag on either side so that when you tie your flag together it won't slide. (Better explained later on.)

Next it's time to get out your red, white and blue! Start painting. 

Paint three sticks all red and three sticks half way with red.

Next paint three sticks all white and three sticks half way with white.

Now paint all 6 half painted sticks half way with blue. (Whoa that wording is tricky)

Now you are going to tie your sticks together using the little stick as a guide to secure it to along the back. At first I just tied the sticks together... they fell apart really quick. The big sticks just slid right off on the little stick. So I took it apart and drilled a hole in the top and in the bottom to thread my string through so it wouldn't slide. Then to make extra sure it wouldn't move my Dad suggested I use wood glue and  so I glued along the short stick as I tied it together. It's solid.
The back.
The front.

Now it's time to paint some stars. I waited until it was tied together to paint the starts so that I wasn't trying to line up stars while making things secure. Next hand paint your stars on.

Once you are done add a sting or wire to hang it from your door. Stand back and admire.

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