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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Monkey Bash

We had 5 days between coming home from the family reunion and Duke's Big Bash. It was a busy 5 days but I tried to keep things pretty simple. Duke's birthday outfit was super simple and I just {loved} the final outcome!! Wonder-under and some fusible interfacing are key players when doing an applique. Best part was I only had to get a new onesie, Mom had everything else on hand!

The sign outside. Just painted cardboard attached to E's Ewok stick from Halloween two years ago. 

I loved the vines and things in the dining room but I went a little over the top. Less is more when it comes to streamer vines. I used 4 rolls, next time I would stick with just 2. 

Our pineapple palm tree! I think this was almost my favorite decoration. So easy and SO cute!

The finished dining room minus the cake. 

I twisted some monkey balloons and hung them up. They were just darling.

Because of time limits I just bought the pinata off of Amazon. I would totally make my own next time, but this Dude sure was cute!

 Because I went so over the tp with the streamers you couldn't really see the palm trees that were hanging in the entry way. 

A few pictures of Duke's year. 

I had a few games for the kids set up. This one was for the older few that came. I hid these bananas pretty well and they were tricky to find! Such a simple activity and it was perfect!

The vine obstacle course which lasted a whole 30 minutes before the kids decided that it was funner just to run through it! Super simple but they had fin with it!

We had each of the kids make a little monkey. Davis's little had was the cutest (Davis is almost one.)

I love hand print crafts!

The monkey bean bag toss. 

I painted the money out of cardboard. So quick and simple!

Our little banana bean bags. Love them!

The food table. We went with gourmet hot dogs. Kids Love them, the are easy and it was great for a tight budget!

Duke was so excited to hit the pinata!

Cake time!
For the party favors we had bought a variety of little monkey's and had each child adopt one. Of course when you are hunting for monkey's you can never find any. Luckily we had enough for everyone! 

All of the Monkey hand crafts.

It was a fun party that was quick to throw together. I would change a few things but for a party done in 5 days from start to finish I'd say it was pretty good!

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