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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Monkey Cake

I was so excited to make another cake! These are so much fun. This was our fastest cake yet! We rocked this bad boy out in 2 1/2 hours during nap time. Mom and I just know what to do now. We each have our rolls and we work really well together. 

We prebaked and froze the cake. We made three cakes at 9" in diameter and and other three cakes at approx 5" in diameter. I really wanted to try a stripped cake. We used green, yellow and brown. 

Cut each cake into three circles and swap out the layers. Next time I would go with only two colors instead of three to get the desired effect or do more layers. 

We staked the three layers together and covered it in fondant. Next time we will make more fondant and make it thicker  to hide the wrinkles in the cake better. We added some skewers for support. 

Next we layered the three small layers together and covered them with fondant. 

Once they were stacked together it was time to decorate. We got our inspiration for this cake from Pinterest.

Before the decorations. Yup, we totally need thicker fondant.

Then Mom colored the rest of the fondant in green, yellow and shades of brown. 

And then I stopped taking pictures, oops. Voila he is finished! He wasn't our greatest masterpiece but he sure was cute! 

I just {loved} the palm trees. They added a lot of variety to the cake and were super simple!

Compared to our other cakes this one felt a bit underwhelming in both size and creativity. It did the job and it was fun and Duke liked it and that it what mattered!

He really didn't want to let it go!

The inside. 

It was so fun getting back into cake mode! I wonder what our next one will be?

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