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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Princess Quiet Book- Dress Up Doll

 I am so excited to be launching my Princess Quiet Book today. I have tackled this quiet books production a bit differently where I am completing a page at a time from start to finish, including creation of pattern, making and assembly of the page and writing up the instructions, which means these posts will be fairly spread out! But I am SO excited to share my first page with you!!! It is a dress up doll with ALL of the princess dresses! Click here to View my Shop!

Ethnie loves to play dress up and essentially lives in her dresses. I really wanted to have all of the princesses dresses for her little doll. And of course her doll had to look like her! Click here for Pattern.

 Each of the dress patterns comes with all of the accessories such as shoes, gloves and bows (if applicable). Anna's coronation dress was a bit intimidating at first, but once i started it I was so excited about how it turned out. It is all hand embroidered and I am just in love with the final outcome! Click here for Pattern.

Anna's Winter Dress.  Click here for Pattern.

 Elsa's Coronation Dress. This is one of my favorites!

 The dress with all of the additional accessories included in the pattern. Click here for Pattern.

 Elsa's winter Let it go dress, with added sparkle on her cape! Click here for Pattern.

 Rapunzel's dress. Click Here for Pattern.

 Belle's Yellow Dress

 Belle's Blue dress.

 Ariel's Blue Dress. Click here for Pattern

 The lighting on this picture drives me nuts, but it is Ariel's pink dress. Click here for Pattern

 Aurora's (Sleeping Beauty) Pink dress. 

 Cinderella's Pink dress. I wasn't very excited about this dress but as I was putting it together I just fell in love with it. It had a bit of a 3D feel with the bows that stand up and it turned out so charming. One of my favorites for sure! Click here for Pattern.

 Cinderella's Blue Dress. 

 All of Cinderella's accessories including her glass slippers. Click here for Pattern.

And Finally Snow White! I am so pleased with how these turned out. As of 11/11/2015 The Frozen Dresses have been posted to my Etsy shop and I will have the other dresses posted as soon as possible! Click here to View my Shop!

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