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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Teepee- Land of Nod Copy Cat

I have a problem. I am a Pintrest addict. Quite literally. On those morning that I am awake before my kiddos, I lay in bed and scroll through my Pinterest trying to find a "project" and one morning I decided that I was just going to make a teepee. The kids love making forts so I checked online. $159 for the Land of Nod Teepee. It wasn't lined and the stripes didn't match up (which drove me CRAZY!) The lady on Pinterest had the pattern listed for free (which took away all of the mental work) all I needed to do was cut and sew. This It was totally random and super last minute before I was headed out to Vegas, so we were a bit pressed for time.  

I made it out of canvas so it is HEAVY! I wasn't originally planning on lining it so I surged all of the pieces, which took longer than necessary, then out of the blue I decided that if I didn't line it, it would drive me nuts, so I grabbed an old sheet and used every inch to line my tee pee. Then Jakob said I needed to add pockets to the inside. So we did. Then I decided that it needed trim around the edges. This project sort of grew and grew. Once she was all sewn I went to Home Depot to get poles. The Dress This Nest lady said she used dowels cut at 6.5' but that would have cost almost $75! That was WAY more than I was willing to spend. So I got a few 2x2's which were too big. SO back to Home Depot I went. We settled on metal conduit. It went well with the grey and it fit in the hole pockets. 

At last she was finished, and she was HUGE! I was a bit surprised by how big she was. I was just following a pattern and I hadn't given size much thought. But a can lay inside comfortably with the two kiddos. 

I just love the pom poms around the edge. 

We put the fur rug inside which keeps things nice and cozy. The pockets are in the back. 

Laying inside. E and I like to snuggle up inside on chilly days since it's so nice and warm,

This was such a fun project and a major upper bodywork out. I just love cuddling up inside and reading stories. 

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