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Friday, February 5, 2016

Ballerina Doll

I was short by 1/2 an inch of fabric for the Star Wars Heels I was making (another post) so I called up my bestie and we headed to Jo-Ann's to get some fabric. 2 Mama's + 5 little's 3 and under + 3 carts = crazy train of fun in Jo-Ann!  While we were there we decided to pick up fabric for some ballerina dolls that we have wanted to make for a while now. Once the fabric was purchased we just HAD to start working on the dolls... instead of packing for my trip the next day.
 My inspiration came from this doll. But there was no way I was spending $64 on a doll I could make myself... and a cuter version if I had any say.

Then I saw this one and I began to draft up a pattern. 

 She's done! And while we had some learning curves I couldn't love her more! 

 The longest part was doing her hair but I just love how it turned out. Super simple, just time consuming! 

I double love the crisscross back.

I have drafted up a pattern and will be making up the instructions soon to be listed in my Etsy shop. I also think that I will be making them to sell. We will see. They are just so much fun and perfect for your little ballerina!

This little girl was happy! Now we're all set for dance class!

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