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Friday, April 29, 2016

Princess Quiet Book - Ariel Under the Sea

 Ariel is one of my favorite princesses, it was one of the first movies I ever saw (at 3 weeks old) and I love mermaids and all of the pretty sea creatures. So I decided to go with a match the shapes theme and man, it was so much fun!

 I am so in love with all of the bright colors and different textures and activities on this page. The button rocks, the lift-a-flap cave...

 ... all of the removable animals and the treasure chest full of treasures.

 Flouder is inside of the cave. I couldn't be happier with how he turned out!
 Sea turtles are my favorite!

 The treasure cheat with all of the goodies. I love the ric-rac seaweed and how it add a little something extra.

 I got the mini dinglehopper and knife in the doll house section of Jo-Ann. They fit just perfectly.

 The little camera I had just lying around. Hopefully I will find a Snarfblat to add to the chest. 

The octopus doesn't come off of the page but he really adds a lot of character! 

 Like I said this was a super fun page to design and make! If you are interested my pattern for the entire two page spread is for sale in my Etsy shop. Click here to be directed to my listing!

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