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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Princess Quiet Book - Rapuzel/ Flynn's Satchel

Before Elsa came along with all of her Let It Go glory Rapunzel was a BIG deal. I was totally in love with her and every time I would hear "And at last I see the light..." I would totally burst out in harmonic melody with my hubby. (We sound horrible but who cares when you're rocking out to Disney?) Which meant that I had to include a few Rapunzel pages in my quiet book. And what better than with Flynn's Satchel? 

 Complete with treasures?!?! Yes!! A Paint Pallet, Sun, Frying Pan, Rubber Duck, Pascal (Isn't he darling?), and a crown of course!

 The satchel removes off of the page, which is perfect for those little hands and for imaginative play!

 And the crown is just PERFECT for your little princess!! 

Head over to my Etsy site to get the patterns and full step by step instructions for all of the characters, satchel and the page!!

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