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Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Chalkboard

 I have wanted to make a chalkboard for the LONGEST time. And now that we are in the new house I had the perfect place for one in my kitchen! I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and figured, it doesn't get much easier than that! I decided that I would rock it out the day before Mom and Dad Tobler were to arrive, so we headed over to Home Depot for supplies. While reading her post I was a bit nervous about spending $60 on supplies, I knew I could do it for cheaper. So I went down the wood isle and I found a sheet of MDF already cut at 4'x2' +/- for $6. Score. I then got 2 1x4's and used them to cut a long and a short side from each board. My friend Gretchen already had the chalk paint, I purchased a can of stain (which will last me throughout the rest of my life!! and then I got some short wood screws, and some d ring picture hangers. Total Cost approx. $30. First I painted my MDF board with three coats of chalk paint. I painted in both directions as well.

 Using my miter saw I cut my boards at a 45 degree angle. This was a bit of a learning curve and I would use a fresh blade next time as mine is pretty old. Then I stained the boards. 

 Let everything dry, add a sealant to the 1x4" boards (which I already had.) and screw it all together. This project took me one afternoon! It was super simple and I LOVE the end result!!!! 

And so do my kiddos! Now we're ready for Grammy and Pa!

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