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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fox Pinata

 Originally I was going to make this pinata (only not so feminine). I was going for quick and easy. The party was in two days and I didn't have time to create and mermaid masterpiece. Then I saw this pinata and I knew I had to do just a little bit more and I am SOOO glad that I did! 

I cut the pieces out to be pretty small (or so I thought, he still ended up being pretty large.) I made a front and back for the body, two ears, two flat arms, and a front and back for the tail. I just eye balled the shape and was really pleased with how it turned out.

 Then I added scrunched up tin foil to give his face and his feet some dimension.

 For his tail (not pictured I didn't want it just to be flat so I put a thin strip (approx 1") between the two pieces standing up to it propped the tail up giving it more of a domed shape.

 Then I started to paper mache. Little curved strips work the best.

 For this fox I only added paper mache to his face. This was a 3 year old party and I didn't want to reinforce the pinata to much so they would be able to break it. (it was still to strong, they hardly made a dent in it!)

Then it was time to add the tissue. This was hands down the most time consuming part!

 Then I punched out a 2" and two 1" circles for the eyes and nose out of black card stalk. And he's done! I serioulsy cannot even tell you how much I love him! He was sooooo ridiculously cute!

I had a really hard time letting the kiddos break hyim apart but he was perfect in every way! So proud of this little guy!


Giovanna said...

How did you attach the tail and how did you hang it up?

Stephanie Tobler said...

Hello! the tail is simply taped on. I attached it before I covered it is tissue paper and just wrapped around. I hung him up with two holes in his head at the top. See this post ( and scroll down about half way.

JT said...

I think he is adorable,do you suggest to do anything different if you're just using it as a decoration?

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