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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tufted Headboard

 As a general rule Gretchen and I try to trade off on projects. I've horded all of project time lately so I was beyond excited to work on something for her! Her project of choice you ask? A tufted headboard. Totally new territory for both of us but gosh we were excited! Here is a quick and dirty break down of what we did. (If you want a better tutorial there are TONS on Pinterest.)

 We started with a board at the appropriate dimensions for her bed and then we added a 2x4 frame cutting the top corners at a 45 degree angle. We clamped them on and attached them to the headboard with screws.
 Then we laid the memory foam mattress inside the frame. (I found the mattress on the curb and it had a few stains on it so we sprinkles baking soda on top of it to soak up the yucky and then we vacuumed it off.)
Using the hole in the mattress we marked where our tufts would be with a marker.

 Then we drilled through the wood at each mark. This was SUCH a game changer! No measuring, or counting we just followed the dots!

 We put the foam back in and started stringing on some buttons, starting at the center and working our way out and around. This was totally a two man job. Gretchen was on top threading the needle down to me I would pull it tight to her liking and staple the strings to the back. 

 Once we had all of the tufts, she wanted a metal bead trim and oh my gosh was it sexy!!! And SUUUUUPER simple to attach!

And the final product. Thee was a learning curve and we would have done a few things differently. We need to cut the legs down by 6" but for a first attempt I think it turned out great!!! So much fun and we got it done start to finish in one day with four kiddos! That right there deserves a high five! Now to build some Christmas presents.

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