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Friday, February 3, 2017

DIY One Board Step Stools

Once you have made something, it becomes an addiction. Gretchen and I were perusing Pinterest and came across these step stools. SO cute, had the instructions right there, and were made from one board! So we shipped off to Home Depot. Armed with our $6 boards, we decided that we would cut the boards at home, and it was a good yet, tricky thing. Cutting wood with 5 kids it gets tricky to keep all of the measurements straight. We realized that we would need a table saw so I asked the neighbor across the street if he had one. He did and for a candy bar he cut the wood for us! It was a beautiful thing and a table saw is next on my wish list for tools! 

All of our wood cut, sanded and pocket holes drilled.
 This was a super fast project to put together! 

My super cute assistant Gretta who sat there watching me the entire time. :)

 And done! I went with a grey wash for the steps and solid white on the sides and I LOVE it! The painting was the longest part! We use it all the time!

 Love the little angled sides!

 I then decided that I needed a second one since the kiddos were stealing it to use elsewhere in the house! This time I went with a Dark Walnut top and I couldn't love it more!!! 

 The only issue with having step stools in the house, it means nothing is safe. Duke now climbs into all of the cupboard but really, these stools are just beyond functional, sturdy for me and the kiddos and $6 a piece!!!!!!! So in love! Now, what else should I build?

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