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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Self Binding Minky Blanket

Being that this is baby number three and that we already have so many boy things, we don't really need much of anything. But I wanted this little man to feel special all wrapped up in something that Mama made. Plus I have decided that the nursery will be "outdoors" themed with grey and navy. Super simple, and clean! 

So I bought the fabric to make a baby quilt. I never know how much fabric to buy and always end up with WAY too much. So this time around we went with 1/4 yrd per color and It was still too much! I honestly could have gotten two regular sized baby quilts out of this! I also wanted to try self binding the blanket which was fun but I shouldn't have done my first attempt with minky.

Even with pinning literally every 1/2" it still stretched. Such a pain in the bootie!

But in the end I am happy with it. It is warm and snuggly and best of all it's pretty big which is super nice especially at the stage Duke and E are in and their "baby" blankets no longer cover thier toes at night because they are so tall.

I had left over fabric so I decided to make a little lap quilt for the car seat. I was super happy with the grey but then I went to a different Jo-Ann's and found the navy minky and I love it SO. MUCH. MORE! It just adds a richness to the blanket. 

All in all it was a fun and super quick project. It took about 36 hours from start to finish for both quilts. Not to shabby. Can't wait to wrap our little man up in them!

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