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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Super Hero Pegs

I have been wanting to make super hero pegs for Duke for the longest time. So this month I finally got around to doing it. I would have to admit I think my painting has come a long way from when I first started making these things.

Designing the super hero's was a ton of fun. I used some pictures from Pinterest for inspiration but I also went from actual pictures of the characters which was neat.

These pegs were slightly wider than the pegs I used for E's doll so I was only able to fit four across. I also wanted the Hulk to be bigger than everyone else and I just love how he turned out. My favorite one is Captain America though, while Batman is my favorite super hero I loved painting Captain America, I am really pleased with how he turned out.

The box was such a challenge for me. I knew I wanted the inside to be all "secret hideout" but I had no idea what to paint. I figured while most of the super hero's don't use guns, Daddy would appreciate a few firearms, an American flag (even though I'm Canadian), and a computer.

The outside had me baffled, and finally after staring at the box for more than a week I decided to just paint it as though it were hidden in the forest. I don't love it, but Duke was pleased as punch and that is what mattered!

So glad to FINALLY have this project off of my list!

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