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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

DIY Easter Baskets

I have been wanting to make the kids collapsible Easter baskets for awhile now. The big ones while beautiful are a pain to store every year, so I headed to Pinterest for some pinspiration. I found this little bag and I was super excited about it.  It even had a free tutorial. I decided to forgo her instructions and just make it up as I went with her original photo as my inspiration. 

I knew that I wanted them lined and I also wanted them to coordinate. Thankfully I had all the the supplies accept for the pink gingham on hand. So I began to sew. I didn't want to take credit for this project and create my own tutorial since the original link had free tutorial, but I did make a few changes such as the happier face, embroidered names on the back of each bag and adding a little bunny tail to Leif's bag. I was planning on adding pom poms to all of them for tails, but then I realized they would get squished when I packed them away. So I appliqued on a tail onto Leif's and I just love it!

The face was a bit trial and error as were the length of the ears.

I am totally in love with the gingham! 

I really wanted to have the kids names on the bags. I just makes everything seem so personal, but I didn't want it to be loud and in your face. I think we found he perfect balance with the subtle name hand embroidered on the back. 

I did a more masculine font for the boys.

So happy with how they turned out and the kids really enjoyed using them at their egg hunt! After 2 years I can finally check another project off of my list!

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