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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

DIY Christmas Stocking

 I have been wanting to make new stockings for awhile now. The ones we have are from when I was growing up. They are denim and flannel and are HUGE! I am trying to convert over to a timeless Christmas theme in our home consisting of silver, whites and gold. I saw this picture on Pinterest and that is exactly what I wanted for stockings. Simple, clean, and fun texture.

So one morning Mom and I hit up Savers and I got a few sweaters. 

I made up a pattern.

Turned the sweater wrong side out and positioned it as desired. I wanted them to be different lengths, adding a touch of variation so I positioned the pattern down a bit on a few socks. 

Cut around the sock.

The first sock we tried to just surge around the edge without pinning and it turned out horribly. It was all stretched out and a total flop. So we switched the surger so that it gathered slightly, keeping things nice and tight, pinned like crazy and added some thin strips of cotton cut along the grain line to help keep it from stretching.

We then surged around the edges. 

 So Beautiful!!! Then we turned them right side out and added loops to hang them up on. (Which I should have taken a picture of because Mom made some beautiful loops.)

Repeat for additional socks.

Hang them up and admire!

I am so in love with this room! So festive, so cozy! The stocking really pull it all together!! 

Okay Santa, we are almost ready for you!

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