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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sun Flower Wreath

It's sun flower season here in KC. I have had the supplies to make this wreath for the past three years and just never got it done, so today was the day!!

I cut my pieces at 10x10"I decided not to do a tutorial because there are already so many out there. I followed this one.

It'll look rather pathetic at first but I promise it fills in.

I went with bubbles instead of strips for my center. I am pleased with the final out come but I think it needs a touch of green on either side. I had it hanging on my door for a few days and one of the sisters in our ward commented saying how she had always wanted one. Two days later I drove over to her house and gave it to her. She was pretty excited. It wad a quick and easy DIY. It feels good to have a project off my list and even better to have made someone smile! Now to paint that door!!

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